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Schedule your laundry pickup and delivery on-the-go with our ECOLIVING mobile app. Ease your mind of the hassle of doing laundry. Let Ecoliving Laundry take care of your laundry dirty work.

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Scheduling Time Requirements

ATTENTION: IF YOUR PICKUP IS FOR TODAY, ORDERS MUST BE SUBMITTED BY 10AM. We will try to accommodate pickup requests submitted after 10am for same day pickup.

There is a $2.00 (each) concierge door-to-door fee for laundry pickups and deliveries where there is no elevator access and you request pickup and delivery at your apt/condo door. It is customary that laundry bags are placed in a designated area for pickup and deliveries. If you wish to have your bag picked up or delivered to your door, then fees are applied for this service. 

Please note: We DO NOT process laundry or dry cleaning orders that had exposure to bed bugs, lice or other contaminations.

If a scheduling conflict occurs, a representative will contact you shortly after your online submission.

  • If your order has Dry Clean, place garments in separate MARKED bag.
  • Closed Saturday & Sunday
  • Normal: 3 days from pickup date. Closed Saturday & Sunday
  • Closed Saturday & Sunday
  • Place any dry clean garments in a MARKED separate bag
  • New Customer Account Setup Information

  • Dry Clean Order Information (if applicable)

  • Garment Type Selection:

  • Please provide in the Customer Info section a mobile number or email which we can use to contact you.
  • Terms & Conditions of Service and Privacy Policy
    Please place only WASHABLE garments in your laundry bags. Do not combine both laundry & dry cleaning items in the same bag. Garments with special care should not be combined with your regular laundry. Garments that require low heat or other special care should be placed in a separate MARKED bag with instructions provided. We DO NOT provide hand washing or air dry services. Please make sure pockets are checked and all items are removed prior to placing in laundry bags.
  • ** IMPORTANT: There is a $7.00 "No Show" pickup or delivery charge in event we were not able to obtain or deliver your laundry on scheduled dates.


Email us at Call or SMS @ 224-216-2273.